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And that's the end of the scene, and the start of my winter break!

So here's my finalized winter schedule. DOTU will be returning on January 30 with weekly pages + 1 bonus page per month. There are about 20 pages left of the chapter. I'll be drowning in freelance for the remainder of December. In January, I'll be preparing for the remainder of this DOTU chapter, which needs some concept art and new environments. I'll also be finishing Merritt's prose back story in January, and it'll launch in serialized form on Patreon on either January 23 or February 6. During this time, I'll be posting previews, concept art, and extras on Patreon. I'll also give some updates on Tumblr/FB. (Social media links are in the sidebar.)

And finally, I'm looking for beta readers for Merritt's story, if anyone is interested in helping out. [2017/01 EDIT: I'm no longer looking for beta readers because I have enough, but I'm leaving the full comment here for "public record"] I'm especially looking for people with any of the following: pro or high level writing/editing experience (for people willing to beta the whole 200k+ story), military experience, experience in medicine or chemistry (for a few select scenes), computer programming knowledge (for a few select scenes).

I'm willing to offer all sorts of things as compensation, e.g. I can beta read an equivalent of books for you, or give you ad space on my site, or send you art prints, give you Patreon extras, etc.). My manuscripts tend to be pretty clean, so I'm especially interested in feedback on plot/characters/story/general flow, etc. If you'd like to beta read or want more information about it, send me an email - bob @ bob-artist.com. [again - 2017/01 - I have enough beta readers now, and thank you to everyone who offered!]

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