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This week is bonus page week! Hope to see y'all back on Thursday for the next page! :D

Guys guys guys guys - guess what happened a few days ago! We hit the $1K Patreon goal for a new website!!! :dances: You all are too awesome! So, I'm officially kicking off the creation process. (aaaaaaaa!!!) The launch date for the new website will depend on the schedules of the person(s) I hire, but I'll keep you guys updated and give you previews when they're available.

For now, I'd love to hear what you guys would like to see in the new website. (for example, I've already promised to keep Disqus comments.) What I have planned so far - a mobile friendly/responsive design, 800px wide pages, a gallery page for standalone art, and a design that's cleaner, simpler, and more current but still has a bit of a gothic style underground vibe. I can't promise to fulfill every request, but I'll give everything fair consideration.

Also thanks to everyone who voted last week on Top Webcomics and got us out of the hole! :D The kinda NSFW Pogo/Troy comic is still up as the voting incentive (lol, the way I phrased that makes it sound like something it isn't...), so you can vote and see the comic by clicking the TWC button below or in the sidebar!

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