Chapter 3, Page 117

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Don't you hate it when the insufferable jerk makes valid points? I know y'all don't like Troy, but you'll miss him when he's gone! :P (I don't mean anything drastic, just scene changes/new chapters where he doesn't appear. ^_^)

Just trying to keep my head above the water right now. -_- I'm still making progress on the new website (and I still plan to make the switch during my break at the end of the chapter, which is like 7 pages away.) This will be an off week for Merritt's story, but we get an especially long chapter next week.

Thanks to everyone who's subscribed on Webtoon too! And also thanks to everyone who's been commenting/liking or giving good ratings, because it's definitely a help! Webtoon has been great at bringing in new readers. I hope it goes without saying that I'm also super happy and grateful for those of you who read here! This is always "home" to me. ^_^

Pogo camping minicomic is still up as the voting incentive. You can vote and see the image by clicking the TWC button below or in the sidebar.

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