Chapter 3, Page 120

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Oh would you look at that. Troy kept his promise to put in a good word for Merritt.

May bonus page is here! :D It's been a quiet week, what with Memorial Day on Monday and a lot of people traveling. I hope you're all doing well! May's Patreon rewards have all gone out except for the 10.01 illustration that'll go up later today. If you're a patron, be sure to check your pledge because this was a bigger than usual month for declines.

It's also a new month for TopWebcomics, and a new voting incentive! This one is inspired by a street I drove by recently. It's an AU minicomic of Pogo and Samsid going for a drive above ground. You can vote and see the image by clicking the TWC button below or in the sidebar. Since it's a new month, votes are extra powerful right now! And THANK YOU for all your votes in May, which was a great month for us! :D

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