About the Comic

"Demon of the Underground" is the story of Pogo, a big-mouthed young thief who falls through a hole in the ground and finds himself in a brutal underground world where survival is based on strength and intimidation. His only hope for escape is his telekinetic ability - and the help of a stray ferret named Annie.

The comic is updated every Monday evening. I upload one page at a time, or sometimes more depending on the complexity and content of the page.

Genre: Urban fantasy/Paranormal/LGBTQ

This story includes violence, sexual content, and explicit language, and is not suitable for children.

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About the Artist

I'm Shobana, more commonly known as "Bob." I'm a freelance illustrator from Illinois, with a BFA from Ringling College of Art and Design. I have experience in product development, art direction, and of course illustration.

email: bob (at) bob-artist.com.

Special Thanks

I would not be able to work on DOTU if not for the support of my awesome patrons on Patreon. I would especially like to thank the following top contributors for their outstanding level of support.

  • Arthur A. Durand
  • Linmayu
  • Chris S.
  • Jordan N.
  • Nightshade Farmount
  • Sybarite
  • Stephanie "Sero" W

The Chicago Underground

The Underground's core foundations are power, pride, and brutality. Only the strong survive.

Pogo finds himself in the middle of a tug-of-war between all four spheres, who want him for different - and often sinister - reasons. In order to survive, he allies himself with Jasper Samsid, King of the East Sphere. Samsid promises Pogo that if he helps him rise to the top, he will give Pogo his freedom - letting him return above ground. But will Samsid be true to his word? And does Pogo have the ability to move beyond the politics of the underground and form a true, loyal relationship with Samsid?

"Demon of the Underground" is a serious story that doesn't take itself too seriously. And Pogo isn't your typical leading man. He's both lecherous and sweet, both crazy and perceptive, both loyal and selfish. He's plagued by inner demons, unsure of why he has the power of telekinesis - and how he got that mysterious cross-shaped mark on his back. He makes no secret of his bisexuality and is willing to try his luck with just about anyone who will say yes. His best friend and wing man? A ferret named Annie.

Demon of the Underground was first unveiled in sketch form with limited color during the June 2010 round of Nanomango, where I completed and posted the first 30 sketched pages. In June 2011, I sketched the next 30 pages for Nanomango, and on July 11 2011, I officially launched the webcomic.

However, Demon of the Underground existed in some form even before that. Pogo was created in 2006, and for my college thesis in 2007, I completed several comic pages from what is now slated to be DOTU's sequel. I'm looking forward to bringing the entire story to life and sharing it here.

DOTU also has a page on Patreon. With enough support from Patreon, I'm hoping to be able to increase my update schedule so I can tell the story faster than one page per week - among many other bonuses and improvements. My time to work on DOTU is currently limited because I rely on freelance work for most of my income, but every bit of support from Patreon helps me devote more time to the comic so it can become my main project rather than a side project. I also offer some really fun exclusive rewards for my patrons! Read more about my Patreon here:

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