A young thief with unusual abilities, who fell from the sky and into the Chicago Underground. He's a lover, not a fighter. If only someone would let him love them. Well, at least he's got Annie, his ferret bodyguard.

Supporting Characters - Jasper Samsid, Troy, Merritt, Jordana

King of the East Sphere. The newest and youngest sphere leader, he is determined to prove his worth by any means.

The East Sphere's general, known for his brutality both on and off the battlefield. His goal is to become a King.

Formerly a North Sphere general, he was captured in battle and is now the East's highest ranking officer.

A newly promoted East Sphere officer, she's climbed the ranks due to her competitive spirit and raw talent.

Sphere Leaders of the Underground


Jasper Samsid The newest and youngest of the Three Kings, he is determined to prove his worth by any means.


Roan Bardia The most merciless of the Three Kings, he is known for his disregard for human suffering.


Damen Mercury The longest-standing of the Three Kings, he is known for maintaining his cool in any situation.


Noble A former East Sphere fighter, she's now a queen in charge of all of the South Sphere's military activity.


Freya Now the queen in charge of the South's commerce, she's rumored to have gone insane after her time as a West Sphere dog.


Iris As a queen, she handles medicine and technology for the South, having left the North due to their unethical methods.


Gray Bardia's right hand man. He'll do anything to serve his king; the more sadistic the job, the better.


Belmont Mercury's right hand man, underground card champion, strategic mastermind, and endless gossip.

The East Sphere

Specialty: Weapons
King: Jasper Samsid


East Sphere

Generals | Officers
Fighters | Workers

The West Sphere

Specialty: Sex Trade
King: Roan Bardia


West Sphere

Pen Keepers | Traders
Hunters | Dogs

The North Sphere

Specialty: Drugs/Chemicals
King: Damen Mercury


North Sphere

Directors | Senior Managers
Managers | Associates

The South Sphere

Specialty: Defense
Queens: Noble, Iris, Freya


South Sphere

A society of equals, this sphere does not have a caste system.

Additional Characters


Annie A stray ferret from the underground who follows Pogo around and helps keep him out of trouble.


Jackal An East Sphere fighter, known for his lack of self control on the battlefield.


Littlehands An East Sphere fighter who operates under the code name "Chinchilla." He excels in close combat and embroidery.


Archer As the North's director of science and medicine, she uses her surgical expertise to her sphere's advantage.


Yackley The owner of Yackley's Booze and Drugs, the only underground bar on neutral territory.


Mr. Beakman Freya's pet Indian Ringneck, known for his intense love of human feet.

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