Devoted: Merritt's Story

A full length serial novel chronicling Merritt's journey from private to General of the North Sphere Army, his relationships with King Damen Mercury and Belmont, and his eventual capture by the East Sphere. Click the cover to find out more.

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The Underground Card Game

This is the card game played by the characters of "Demon of the Underground" in order to keep up on the latest news and status changes of their citizens. People of a higher caste have higher numbers in the card deck, with aces being low and representing the people at the bottom of the food chain.

The deck is organized into the four "spheres" where the people of the underground live (north, south, east, and west), with one sphere for each suit, and from king down to ace, they go in order of hierarchy.

East Sphere: Known for its weapons trade. (Samsid has no second in command, hence no "queen" card.)
West Sphere: Known for its sex trade
North Sphere: Known for its technology and drug trade
South Sphere: Created by women who have escaped from the other three spheres in order to build a new society

The deck can also be used as a standard poker deck.

The Underground Card Game is currently unavailable while I make a few improvements to the deck and instructions. I will also be adding a tuck box for storage. Once the game is revised and proofed, the decks will go back on sale.

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