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If you end up here again, you may need to clear your cache, or you can just clear DOTU's site from your cache.

Menu - History > Clear Recent History
Time period: Everything
and check the box marked "cache"
Menu - History > Show History >
right-click on all DOTU sites and choose "Forget about this site"

And then go to www.demonoftheunderground.com

Menu - Chrome > Clear Browsing Data
Clear the following Items from: the beginning of time
and check the boxes marked "cached images and files" and "cookies and other site data"
(you wil be logged out of most websites)
Menu - History > Show Full History >
Check all boxes for DOTU websites and choose "Delete" in the top bar

And then go to www.demonoftheunderground.com

Please update your bookmarks and RSS feeders!

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